_Motion Control RIG in Berlin

Our "Bolt™ Jr+ on tracks" Cinebot is a compact and lightweight high-speed motion control robot. Combine it with our PHANTOM VEO4K-PL camera and we work unbeatably precise with up to 1000Fps in 4K. This rig works in almost every location #highspeed #inberlin

_it's  Huge. Because the RIG isn’t.

Our motion-control-rig allows complex, automated high-speed shots: It's ideal for working on location in compact spaces or smaller studios. "Lightweight, stable, very fast, with a decent range and accurate to the millimeter. This MoCo rig is the first choice if you are looking for a fast setup on location, extreme freedom of movement and very precise repeatability for almost any camera movement.

#Highspeed #Multilayer #Crowed-replication #Character-duplication #Stopmotion #Timelapse  #Precision #CGI-Integration

_Moves Like a Dancer...

Despite its size, the rig is light and agile. With extreme precision, limitless motion control & incredible reproducibility. The robot for almost any task - even house calls!

_ready in a flash

The robot can be set up easily - in about an hour - and fits through almost any door. As long as it is at least 75 cm wide)

_for perfectionists.

Fast, precise control of zoom, aperture and lens thanks to the world's fastest and most powerful motors.

_Please repeat?

No problem! The camera movements are programmed and stored so that every camera movement can be precisely repeated. (even after weeks)

_Powerful software.

"Flair" gives us very precise control over every camera movement. and the movements can even be exported. #CGI-Integrations #FBX3Node


Not at all, we use the same socket that is used to charge your iPhone. Heavy current is not necessary.

_Perfect timing.

We synchronize movement with external triggers and release them via a time code. So everything fits together perfectly.

_Kommt zu Uns. Oder wir kommen zu Euch


318Kg (Roboter) / +280Kg weights

Power requirement

2x230V (two normal Schukos is enough)

RIG reach

Max. height 2,5m (with spacer +0.30m); 1,4m from rotate center; 0,0m lowest position.


We have 3 Parts of 1,8m long tracks, wich you can combine to one 5.4m long track. The Moco rig runs on them fully automatically.  


Super fast, 8 meters per second (arm + track)


PHANTOM VEO4K PL 990S – up to 1000 Fps in 4K, or any standard cinema camera up to 10KG total weight.

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